Join For A Coin - Uni Student Promotional Idea

Ok so I think the assumption I was making is that it would be 2 quid per week for students. But if its just for the first week like a trial of something then that would be better.

I did have a quick did look at apis for student verification, but I think they incur a cost

So I suspect the only way to check would be the email address and to perhaps make z note of the student id in the user database.


I guess so - or at least, I’m saying that’s an approach that would help overcome my resistance to signing up for introductory offers that morph into larger commitments. Whether it would work for you, or for the students that you want to attract, is hard to say.

Maybe the low rate could provide access for social occasions but not major tool use … it’s worth encouraging growth of the social part imho as the varied expertise you get in a hackspace is a very significant but perhaps undervalued part of the package. Something I think we lost sight of as we grew.

On an unrelated note, your mailing list seems to be broken - it doesn’t thread correctly.

To be honest, we’re at square 1 on social occasions because of COVID still. Not quite got back into the swing of things in that area at all.

Excuse my ignorance, Adrian, but I don’t know who you are. Are you from another hackspace (Leeds, London, Lisbon)? And are you also a member here? Just trying to understand the context here.

Thanks for raising the mailing list issue - I’m unfamiliar with it but I’ll look at settings to see if there is something obvious.

Hi Mike,

I’m a member at London hackspace, but on several other mailing lists as I’m a big fan of the concept. So I’m not at all familiar with your particular circumstances but always interested to compare common ground - we could do with recruiting members too, as we lost a lot in a location change and more through the pandemic.

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Your input is appreciated :+1:

I’ve emailed the board asking for policy approval, and subject to that I’ll get a technical solution in place.

I like the idea of having an instant access account set up for a small retainer.