Just joined, also woodworking tools avaliability?

Hey Guys.

Cant wait to start comming to Hackspace, Im going to be building some DIY electric guitars and maybe some other stuff while im here. :guitar:

I have a question, I’ve seen there are some some handtools like drills supplied but what about Routers? Im also wondering if there’s a Soldering Iron supplied aswell?

Thanks very much :slight_smile:


Yes, we got routers, soldering stations and many others cool tools

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Heya, soldering irons live in the electronics area along with all the other bits you need like solder.

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Thanks very much guys! I think my fob should be arriving soon and Im very likely going to ask for assitance every now and then.

So if anyone happens to see a guy tinkering around with guitar stuff over the next few months/weeks. Pls come and say hi. :slight_smile: