Kitronik Order Jan '17

Doing another Kitronik order for Laser supplies and the like. If you want in, put your items on the list below:

Kitronik site:

When are you likely to make the order?

Monday if all goes well.

Ok. Might have a couple of sheets by then

Awesome, just throw the info in there when you can :slight_smile:

Order has been put off ordering until next week since I’ll be out of the country and I’m an idiot for not scheduling properly :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, so long as it does, as the 26th-30th i’m off and would like to get the
project I’m working on moving.
I may have a few other bits by then as I am considering doing another

Order has been placed

Please use the document to add up how much you owe (including shipping!) and then PayPal it to me at this address:

Order has arrived! I’ll be bringing it into the Hackspace for Wednesday