Landlord to Board, 04 Jun 2021 : Waste - Wellington House

Email received from the Landlord (Northern Group) at 11:27 on 4th June 2021:


Waste - Wellington House


Dear Tenants,

Further to my previous email with regards to waste at Wellington House, the driver of a waste disposal truck informed us that multiple fire extinguishers were disposed into the general waste bins. Thankfully, the driver noticed this before the bin was being emptied, otherwise it could have had a catastrophic effect should the fire extinguishers have been compressed/compacted within the wagon.

Please be mindful of what waste is being disposed in the bin, otherwise if tenants carry on disposing of inappropriate and hazardous waste into the general waste bins, the collection service may be terminated.

Please refer to the attached that indicates types of waste our bin contractor cannot collect.

Kind Regards,

Nick Critchley
Property Management Team