Landlord to Board, 15 Sep 2021 : Important :: Wellington House

Email received from the Landlord (Northern Group) at 17:32 on 15th September 2021:


Important :: Wellington House


Good Afternoon,

It has been brought to our attention that a fire was recently caused in the yard of the Pretty Little Thing site, adjoining the Mill. This was due to a lit cigarette being thrown from one of the fire exits at Wellington House which was close to causing their building and Wellington House to catch fire (please see photos of the damage caused). This is a serious offence and risk to life.

We recently installed safety tags on all the fire doors to prevent unwarranted use of the fire exits, of which all have been illegally removed by occupants. Going forwards, we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach to fire doors being used for any reason other than an emergency. This will include:

  • The immediate termination of a lease for any tenant or their visitor using a fire exit for any reason other than an emergency
  • The cost to re-instate the safety tags and engineers’ call out to be charged to the tenant in breach
  • Where a tenant cannot be identified, each reinstatement cost will be split between all tenants in the building
  • The fire doors will be closely monitored by us and Pretty Little Thing
  • We will involve the fire brigade where necessary, as the potential loss of life through fire is a genuine concern

In order to avoid the aforementioned charges being split between all tenants, we expect your cooperation on this matter and for any individuals caught in action to be reported to us directly.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind Regards,

Katie Porter
Senior Property Manager