Landlord to Board, 24 May 2021 : Wellington House Waste

Email received from the Landlord (Northern Group) at 10:04 on 24th May 2021:


Wellington House Waste


Good morning,

We write with reference to the general waste bins at Wellington House as we have been contacted by our waste contractor informing us that the bins are contaminated with trade/business/building waste. As a result, they are refusing to collect and dispose of the waste in the general waste bins. We urge any occupants who are disposing of their trade/business waste in the general waste bins to cease this behaviour.

We have attached for your reference photos of the general waste bins to indicate how some individuals within the building choose to dispose of their commercial waste – chopped up wood, smashed up TVs/electrical items, concrete etc.

Please note that the bins at Wellington House are for general waste only. Whatever waste is produced from commercial activity is considered as business waste and must be disposed of as such. With this in mind, please can you arrange for any commercial waste you generate to be disposed of correctly forthwith.

The Landlord has arranged for a skip to be onsite tomorrow where our caretaker will aim to dispose of items left in the communal corridors/bin store that are not deemed general waste.

Kind regards,

Nick Critchley
Property Management Team


Additional email from Landlord at 12:42 on 27th May clarifying questions raised by the board:

Good afternoon Mark,

I hope you are well.

Following our discussion yesterday, I have spoken to the compliance manager as well as our waste contractor who have advised that small cut offs and wood shavings/sawdust are unfortunately not acceptable to be placed in the general waste bins at Wellington House as this would result in them being contaminated that could cause the bin contractor to refuse collection.

Kind regards,

Nick Critchley
Senior Property Manager

This may be worth forwarding to woody dusty chat and printing in the space