Large Format Printer

Is anybody available to show me how th large format printer works. Thanks.

The larger format printer has been misbehaving for myself and a few other members recently, and not working at all when I was trying to use it on Thursday. Error code relates to electrical issues with its ink station. It needs the side cover taking off and checking it’s all plugged in properly.

I’m usually in the space on Tuesday evenings from 7ish onwards. Next time I’m in I’ll have a go at getting it working again. After that I’ll happily show you what I know of it if Tuesday evenings work for you?

Thank you tha’s very generous. Please let me know if you manage to get it working. Cheers.

I’ve got it back from being completely broken, but it’s still acting up a bit.

It occasionally throws an error code but we can revive it by removing the ink cartridges before powering the printer on, and then inserting the cartridges when the printer asks for them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Should be good enough to introduce you to it, but probably not worth making a trip in just for it in case it goes kaput again.

It’s ok I’m quite happy to come down. When’s best for yourself?

I’ll be in again on Tuesday from about 7pm onwards if that works?

That’s brilliant. Look forward to seeing you in there.