Large Format Printer

Hey peeps has anyone had luck printing on canvas with this printer and is it allowed? please and thankyou.

The printer itself is very hit and miss, I had to turn it off and on again 7 times last night each time jiggling the cartridges. But once I got it working it did a great job for me.

The printer is a HP DesignJet500, if you wanted to have a google of the wider webs experience.

A general rule for the space is that if the thing you are trying to do is within the design intent of the object, and won’t ruin it for other members, then generally it’s ok.

Assuming this printer is designed to print onto canvas (i’m unsure myself) then i can’t see it’s going to damage it, just make sure you load it back up with paper again as you found it for the next user.

If you’re likely to use a lot of the ink printing onto canvas (dunno if its more absorbent or something), it might also be worth either bringing your own cartridges/replacing hackspaces after/making an extra donation this month to cover the supply costs. If you’re not using that much then no need to worry.