laser cutter induction

Hi everyone,
I would like to have the laser cutter induction. Richard already gave me a quick start induction but i would like to have the full induction. When is the responsible available?

Hi! I would also be interested in the laser cutting induction. I visited the hackspace today and it found it quite cool. I’d like to join and start with the induction as soon as possible! When do you guys think that could start? Cheers!

Welcome! You can arrange a laser cutter induction on telegram, in the laser cutter training group here:

Or if you hold tight one of the trainers may pop on here and make arrangements with you. :slight_smile:

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Definitely pop into the Telegram group.
I exclusively organise training through Telegram.

Other trainers may be happy to organise it through the forum but we’re all in the Telegram group so that’s your best bet.