Laser Cutter Inductions in March?

Hey folks,

Looking to do a bit of acrylic laser cutting for a keyboard project and I’m wondering if there are any planned laser cutter inductions in March.

I noticed a few folks on the waiting list so I wasn’t sure how long you’d have to wait.

Thanks a bunch!


Hi! We don’t do regular inductions for the laser, usually people just arrange sessions ad-hoc on the Laser Training Telegram group. If you can’t or don’t want to use Telegram (which is fine!), I can do training on Sundays, usually 11am-4pm, if that suits you. There are several other trainers who can do other times.

Have you requested an induction on the member system? I can see a few people waiting on there but it’s difficult to match up usernames on there to usernames on this forum.

Sundays are perfect for me Jim.

I’ll pop down next Sunday if that works for you?

Posted my interest here too - Laser Induction - #9 by robertmartincoleman

Sure, Sunday 5th March works for me. I’d prefer about 2pm but if you want to do it earlier or later I can do that.

Sorry, I’ve got to cancel this - I’ve just tested positive for Covid, and it’s unlikely I’ll be clear by next Sunday. As I said, there are plenty of other trainers.

@alanionita Just incase you aren’t on the telegram chat, I will be doing some inductions tomorrow evening. Feel free to tag along if you are free. (And get well soon @jimmacarthur !)

Just closing up this old thread: Thanks again for the intro @NathanIsTallAndCool ! Found it really fun and useful, helped me use the laser cutter as part of prototyping and improving designs. Massive unlock for me!

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