Laser Cutter Maintainence Log - Bingo (Orange)

This thread will be used by laser maintainers to log any work done to the laser cutter, to help build a knowledgebase of common faults.

Current state can be viewed @ Login | Hackspace Manchester


  • updated firmware to latest version of laos. To do this had to switch around X and Z axis in LAOS code, and compile manually. We did this mainly through following the instructions @ GitHub - LaosLaser/Firmware: Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files, but had to adjust parts of the mbed ethernet stack to allow it to compile.

  • changed timeout of extraction in config to 120s from 30s after the last movement has happened

  • tested and updated version of visicut on the visual arts mac to 1.9-70. This is the latest version that works consistently, with newer versions refusing to cut on non-complex files. @thinkl33t to raise an upstream issue with our findings.

  • set to in service



  • Marked OUT OF SERVICE due to x-axis homing error.
  • Wasn’t even attempting to home x-axis.
  • Cleaned endstops and then did try and home but movement was janky.
  • Human out of time exception Telegram updated and members advised machine out of service.


  • Removed x-axis gantry and cleaned
  • Continuity tested x-axis motor (failed)
  • Replaced x-axis motor
    • replacement motor had different wiring than the existing motor so that had to be adjusted a couple of times to make it play nice.
      • First time the coils weren’t paired correctly
      • Second time the direction of travel needed inverting
  • Homing correctly but alignment way off.
    • plan to attend in the next day or so to align machine and bring into service
  • remains OUT OF SERVICE
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  • Cleaned and aligned the mirrors to a reasonable level of accuracy (see picture)
  • Ran Hacman keyring test cut
    • Re-check alignment within 2-4 weeks
    • Re-tension X-carriage belt ASAP
    • Clean bed as per maintenance manual


  • Replacement strut fitted on lid RHS
    • New strut mount wasn’t aligned with pre-drilled holes so they have been drilled to widen them and the mount is installed with some bolts and nuts
  • Seems stable but would advise caution for the moment
    • Don’t leave your head unattended within the vicinity of the open lid :upside_down_face:

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I have taken a look at the laser after the latest report of no X homing and inconsistent X engrave.

  • I found the X axis belt to be loose, although have not inspected the idler, which has previously required replacement.
  • I found the X axis homing sensor to be loose on its single screw. I retightened the screw.
  • I found the X axis homing sensor actuator to be bent, so it no longer went into the slot on the sensor. I bent this back into alignment.
  • I found that the X axis homing sensor FFC appeared to be damaged, likely from the bent actuator. A new FFC is likely to be needed


  • Replacement FFC fitted
  • Cleaned Gunk™ from the X-axis sensor
  • Bent X&Y blades (sensor actuators) so that they aligned with their sensors after misalignment was causing the stepper to continuously run
  • Did basic cut / engrave tests

Have returned to service with caveat that this machine hasn’t been cleaned or aligned for some time and that users are to carry out sufficient test cuts ahead of actual tasks they care about. Also requested users to stop and report any further aberrant behaviour [of the tool].

Laser is IN SERVICE.


  • Tightened tension on x axis
  • Test cut was performed

Future notes:

  • Alignment might need to happen
  • Pipes need cleaning out
  • Keep laser tools in the laser cutter, like a laser maintainence pack

Back in service