Laser Cutter Maintainence Log

This thread will be used by laser maintainers to log any work done to the laser cutter, to help build a knowledgebase of common faults.

Current state can be viewed @ Login | Hackspace Manchester


  • updated firmware to latest version of laos. To do this had to switch around X and Z axis in LAOS code, and compile manually. We did this mainly through following the instructions @ GitHub - LaosLaser/Firmware: Embedded software (firmware) for the laser system and components, including configuration files, but had to adjust parts of the mbed ethernet stack to allow it to compile.

  • changed timeout of extraction in config to 120s from 30s after the last movement has happened

  • tested and updated version of visicut on the visual arts mac to 1.9-70. This is the latest version that works consistently, with newer versions refusing to cut on non-complex files. @thinkl33t to raise an upstream issue with our findings.

  • set to in service



  • Marked OUT OF SERVICE due to x-axis homing error.
  • Wasn’t even attempting to home x-axis.
  • Cleaned endstops and then did try and home but movement was janky.
  • Human out of time exception Telegram updated and members advised machine out of service.


  • Removed x-axis gantry and cleaned
  • Continuity tested x-axis motor (failed)
  • Replaced x-axis motor
    • replacement motor had different wiring than the existing motor so that had to be adjusted a couple of times to make it play nice.
      • First time the coils weren’t paired correctly
      • Second time the direction of travel needed inverting
  • Homing correctly but alignment way off.
    • plan to attend in the next day or so to align machine and bring into service
  • remains OUT OF SERVICE
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  • Cleaned and aligned the mirrors to a reasonable level of accuracy (see picture)
  • Ran Hacman keyring test cut
    • Re-check alignment within 2-4 weeks
    • Re-tension X-carriage belt ASAP
    • Clean bed as per maintenance manual


  • Replacement strut fitted on lid RHS
    • New strut mount wasn’t aligned with pre-drilled holes so they have been drilled to widen them and the mount is installed with some bolts and nuts
  • Seems stable but would advise caution for the moment
    • Don’t leave your head unattended within the vicinity of the open lid :upside_down_face:

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