Laser Cutting Induction

Hi All,

I’m new the Hackspace Manchester, I’m hoping to join this week! I’ve been searching for a maker space type place for ages so this is fab!

I have a hobbyist laser at home, which has just last night decided to stop firing the laser out on me. How quickly can I get inducted and using the Laser at Hackspace Manchester and is it fairly easy to use? I’ve got a few bits that I’d really love to get printed ASAP as I’ve got a bit of a deadline!

I’m fine with getting my files created but am unsure whether they will be in the right format etc for the laser so any help and advice would be fab. I’m not hugely techie but I can work most things out if shown how to use it etc.


Nic x

Welcome Nic!

To use the laser here you’ll need to join, then request an induction on the membership system at Login | Hackspace Manchester

From there you will be given instructions to join a training group where you can arrange with a trainer for an induction.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: