Laser & Heatpress Material order

As part of the reopening and restocking the space with essentials we are looking at doing an order of laser material for sale alongside for the first time materials for the heatpress

Below is a link to an order sheet for both should you wish to order anything within our order to save on delivery charges etc

We are looking to place the order no later than Monday 22nd March so please add to by 23:59 on Sunday 21st March should you wish to be included

Where are we ordering from

Laser Materials will come from Kitronik ( who also have a range of other items including robotics, electronics etc

For heatpress materials we are ordering across 2 supplies for different items so you have a lot of choice of possible things to print onto and

Payment should be made as normal to the Hackspace Bank Account using the material order as a reference and your name

Link to the Order Sheet can be found below