Laser Induction

I recently joined. How do I book a laser induction? Also, would it be possible to get inductions on other equipment the same day? Thanks.

Simply book an induction using the equipment list:

then join the relevant telegram group and schedule it with an available trainer.

Note that other tools have different induction methods but normally start with booking it through the member portal.
If the timing is right you can book many for the same day but it’s not guaranteed.

Thank you Harvinder. I have booked the induction on the equipment list and paid for it. Unfortunately I can not use Telegram as I do not have a data contract on my phone. Is there any other way of booking it?

I can do your laser induction if you’re available at the weekends. Any Saturday or Sunday this month up to 4pm should be fine if that suits you.

That’s absolutely brilliant Jim thanks. Can you do early mornings? Say about 9 or 10ish? Cheers.

Sure, does 9am this Saturday (10th September) work for you? It’ll take about 30 minutes.

That’s absolutely brilliant. Is 10am ok? By the way, can you induct me on anythng else like the 3D printers? Cheers.

10am on Saturday works for me. Please have a read through Laser Cutter - Hackspace Manchester Documentation beforehand and if you want to use your own laptop, try installing VisiCut on it before then. If not, we can use the hackspace’s Mac.

I can’t help with any of the other equipment inductions, sorry.

Thanks. See you on Saturday.

Can I book a laser induction session ?

Please could I join the next laser cutter induction session. Thanks

Same here - up for the next session.

Also worth linking to Jim’s message here.

Hello looking for induction during evening or weekends

Hello all,

Could I book a laser induction please.


EDIT - just read Jims pinned message and i will organise via telegram, cheers all

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Hi how do i book a induction for laser cutter on a weekday after 8pm or a sunday afternoon excluding this weekend

Is it possible to get an induction for bluey? Thanks

Please book inductions through the equipment pages of the membership portal.

Instructions will be given from there.

Basic outline is you will be directed to a telegram chat to connect with the trainers and organise a training time.

We’re not currently organising training through the forum atm.