lathe training

Happen to know someone who owns and operates an engineering company in Yorkshire. Who has kindly offered some time to take a small group of people through late training at the hackspace once the new metal working area is operational.

They say they would be happy to train a max group of 3 to 4 people at a time and for coming over and their time they have agreed to the rate of £20 per hour. Thinking this should be shared between the groups that will be doing the training.

They have asked if I can get details of numbers so we can plan which days etc for the training. Will send a doodle to people who are intrested with potential dates and times.

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Please reply if your intrested by the way

I’m interested!

Thanks for looking into this!



I’d be interested

Many Thanks,

I’m interested as well.


I am as well!

if there is a second group going I would be intrested in tagging along !

Once lathe is back up and running in new space, or we have a estimated time. I will arrange some dates for some groups. taking in mind the first one that gets ran would probably not be a good as the second one.

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I would be interested in learning to use the lathe, however, i am not currently a member of the hacker space. I have sent emails and completed the online forum but i am getting no response, which i assumed was due to the on going move. The lathe is the piece of equipment i am most interested in using. What sort of timescale do you think it will be up and running again?


I would recommend popping down on a weekend if you have the time and somone will set you up with a RFID Fob as there are quite a few people in doing setup.

As for the state of the Lathe im not sure but Woody Dusty ( the area where the lathe is ) is having drywall put up this weekend so i dont think its too far from being ready maybe a week or two ?

Also I reccomend you download and setup Telegram and join its the best way to find out if people are in the space and what is going on in terms of update :

hi, thanks for getting back to me, i will try to pop down next weekend to get the fob setup and have a look around.