Lathe Training

Hi All.
This is regards to the metal lathe training in the hackspace
What I’d like to propose is that I start doing some of the lathe training when the space re-opens.
We’ve had a few people come in, a couple I’ve chatted with in the metal working group who have used lathes before
but I think the burdon of proof that they know what they’re doing has been a bit too strong.
So the plan is to get everyone rubber stamped who needs it.

I’m going to get a hardcover copy of this and put it next to the myford
and suggest anyone who’s new to lathe’s get they’re own copy as well
since it covers the Myford ML7 specifically in terms of health and safety and how to do all the different operations.

Another thought I’ve had and this more relates to the positioning of stuff within the metal working area
is that we swap out the myford for Michael’s green lathe in the corner of the room
and perhaps have the myford in the lift area (this is assuming it’s been cleared of plasterboard)
I think the green one will be more resiliant than the myford if it’s using roller bearings instead of babbit ones.
since we don’t have to keep feeding it oil when using it.

I’m also going to get my Atlas Halifax up and running.
It’s my granfather’s old lathe and I want to get it out fitted with stepper motors for a cnc mod.
I’ve been slowly de-rusting parts of it as a hobby for a while now
also I’ve found a really nice looking paint for it which we recently used for the scafollding, called hammered blue

Many Thanks

I think this is a great idea, personally. (I know we’ve discussed this on Telegram so sorry for repeating myself).

lack of trained lathe users is a huge blocker to productivity at the moment. That’s nobody’s fault, but we have this incredibly capable piece of kit in the space – which should be the centrepiece of the metalworking area – and nobody is allowed to use it. kudos to greg (and possibly alex?) for getting the training programme going and to richard for volunteering to continue it

Having considered the practicalities of the pandemic and Richard’s offer, I have a proposal relating to lathe training.

I propose to remove the in-person aspect of the initial safety brief, and replace it with Moodle, to include an online assessment to ensure and document understanding.

Once this is passed, the lathe can be used under the supervision of any fully trained user, with joint responsibility for safety and care of the lathe.

The requirement for assessment to use the lathe without supervision will remain the same, although I will document so that there can be more than one assessor. I have no issue with this including Richard as long as it is not just a rubber stamp, but actual assessment occurs and records are made of this. I plan to make it a bit like the driving test - there is an element of producing a part and a selection from a range of skills that may not otherwise be assessed.

I will aim to have this operational by the time socially distant training in the space can resume.

I hope this is satisfactory to all parties, and will make a start on updating Moodle to reflect this system.