Lease Renewal '18 + July MMMM

TLDR: Lease runs out in less than a year, we are going to discuss what we do at the next MMMM.

In less than a year the lease for our current unit runs out. We have the choice of:

  • asking to renew and stay where we are
  • look at other units within the same building
  • or look at somewhere else totally

Rather than having chaos, stressing out the board, and risk pissing current or future landlords off, we’re going to discuss it at the next MMMM to try and get an approach and clarify the main points.

I will be suggesting we set up a small group of people (doesn’t have to be a board thing!) to go about looking at potential new places, and report back to the wider community with one/two recommendations. If you have other suggestions on how to go about it feel free to add them to the agenda, just edit the page adding your point:

So yeah, the next MMMM will be a big’un.

I’ve created a wiki entry here based on info from the last move

The most difficult thing from what I remember is finding somewhere that’s

  1. light industrial
  2. within budget (not sure what the current budget is / if it’s changed)
  3. close to transport links such as a tram / middle of manchester

MMMM - 2nd July @7pm! Lots to talk about including discussion on our lease. Add any agenda points to (just edit the wiki page and add your point to the “Member submitted items” section)

MMMM is tonight, if you want to be dialled in shout out on Telegram or reply here and someone will set up a call.

Minutes are up!