Let's build a hackerspace in KOSOVO!

Dear members of Hackspace Manchester,

We are a group of young hacktivists from Prishtina, Kosovo - Europe’s
newest country.

During the past year we’ve been working on creating an experimentation,
coworking space - a hackerspace in Prishtina.

Struggling to find funds locally and self sustain the space, we joined
Kickstarter to get international help.

Just recently we our project was 100% funded thanks to 203 backers who
trusted our initiative.

We do have 12 days left until the campaign ends, and we would like to ask
for your support to help us with our stretch goal of $20,000.00 announced
in one of our updates on Kickstarter.

Please visit our campaign here:

We hope to get your support: please help us by sharing this campaign
through your channels under the #PrishtinaHackerspace hashtag and/or
donating to it.

Prishtina Hackerspace website: http://prishtinahackerspace.org

and also our wiki: http://wiki.prishtinahackerspace.org/

Thank you very much in advance for your support!

Best Regards,
Lulzim Gashi