Light Fittings

Hi All,

We recently picked up a pack of 10 light tubes from toolfix (£30)

For the Hackspace area

I’ve now replaced 4 tubes around the space with starters
they’re warm white ones instead of cool white ones

Corridor just outside the hackspace

  • The first light was actually okay, the starter was just loose
  • The second light just needed a tube and starter that’s now okay
  • The third light (the one covered in tie-wraps) I’ve left for now since it’s difficult to get to

Corridor Outside the space

  • The light / starter just outside the metal door has now been replaced

Spooky dark corridor

I was able to get one of the lights working in the spooky dark corridor by switching the tubes around.
It looks as if one of the fittings is powered, but the other 3 including the emergency exit sign has no power I think

Lift corridor

Again this seems to be the same problem with a lack of power
It might be that the lights close to the lift are on the same circuit as the dark stretch of the corridor

I was able to get the one at the T junction working, just by swapping over the starter

I don’t think it’s an issue with the circuit breaker unless it’s a different one, so it might be the cabling

Spare Tubes

We currently have 4 spare tubes left out of pack of 10
although one of them will likley be used for the tie-wrap fitting once it’s fixed

  • 4 used in space
  • 1 used in inner corridor
  • 1 used just outside the metal door

The spare tubes are stored in a box behind the lathe
The starters are in some small carboard boxes with the mains stuff near the vending machine

Many Thanks

looks great! Thanks for doing that :slight_smile:

Given that the emergency light fitting is unpowered this might be an incentive for the landlady to get the outer corridor sorted out.

Amazing work, thank’s garlicbread.

This is great. I’ve heard from a few people it’s a bit off putting with no lights when you walk in (me included). Hopefully we can work out where the rest of those lights are powered from.

The only places I can think to look would be ether the open junction box on the wall near the lift

Or the circuit breaker above the abandoned virgin coke machine
(one of them appears to be off, there might be a reason for it)

At this point we should either remind our landlady about the lights, or
directly complain to the new management.

It is possible that junction box is fire-alarm related (it looks like the
sort of cable used for fire alarms).

I second this.

Please, Please, keep in mind when looking to “fix” the issue that this
isn’t something that we are responsible for. The lighting and/or the
electricity over and above what we directly have in our space (and even
then, we’re still limited) is the responsibility of the Landlady/New
Owners. As Subletting, we should not be looking to change/fix these things
but ultimately report them instead.