Live screen for street camera

There was and still is some discussion about a screen which has a live view of the street outside of the door, which doesn’t record. Kinda like an always on intercom.

What happened to this? Last time I checked some equipement went missing but not sure what happen with that. Should this be a purchase proposal for it? It seems like this was a much wanted item in the hackspace with no opposition.

Note this is not the CCTV which is being discussed here: CCTV in the space - #17 by tomh91 and

Other references to it here: CCTV in the space - #7 by JakeCausier

and here: Members meeting - Tuesday 18th April 2023 - 19:30 - #14 by mikeh

I remember it got fitted when something happend with grayson when entering the hackspace (can’t remember the details)

As a result we fitted a peephole on the front door and the board put up a couple of cameras wired into a monitor.
The cameras are still there (there’s one outside pointing down and another inside pointed at the inside of the front door), not sure if the one on the inside ever got used but the cables for connecting to them are still there.

As for the thing / box that sits inbetween the monitor and the camera I’m not sure what happened to it but I think it’s still around. I think it got put on a shelf / was disconnected during a hack the space day for some reason. Although I’m not sure exactly where it is myself since I would have said not to disconnect it if I’d noticed myself.

it got taken down at the hack the space day because no one knew what the monitor in the corner was since it was never turned on and we were trying to tidy that area up along with the rest of that area (could say it’s still in progress). I think we thought it was the old sign-up desk or something. Not sure where all the bits went from it though as it wasn’t me that packed it down.

Seen as it was already a thing and it also doesn’t record, i don’t think anyone would have an issue with it going back up. It would just need labelling so if in the future a the screen gets turned off for a year, someone realises what it is before packing it away again.

Ok I’ll have a poke around and see what’s left. Then this is probably going to be a purchase proposal.