Living The New Economy event this weekend may be of interest

Manchester, the place to be “Living the New Economy”.
Connecting local concerns with global opportunities …
Programme for the weekend:
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Living the New Economy is a hands-on collaboration to encourage thriving in the new economy. The “New Economy” is an emerging global movement that aims to re-localise economic activity and link business ideas to solving our most pressing social and environmental challenges. It encompasses phenomena such as collaborative consumption and community currencies, co-operatives and co-operation, localised food production and the gift economy.

The weekend will create a beneficial connecting platform to energise and celebrate the people and collaborations, businesses and institutions that are bringing the New Economy to life in the Manchester region. It is based on similar ground-breaking events held in Canada in 2013.

The event aims to create a regional community of social entrepreneurs, enterprises, aligned organisations and passionate residents to re-envision a more resilient and prosperous Manchester.

Food security, energy, health and economic well-being, families and equality, and resource management are just some of the key topics. Sessions will showcase the Manchester Permaculture network, explore food growing in urban and peri-urban settings, and develop a vision for re-vitalising the local business landscape.

A central theme to the event is the role of community currencies in unleashing community resources.