Lockpicking Workshops

Hello Peeps,
My name is Warren, I previously ran Lockpicking workshops at Manchester (and London, Nottingham, Stoke, EMF, EMW, BSides, Google, etc.)
There has been some interest in restarting workshops/events on a regular basis with quite a few people from the Manchester area contacting me.

Is this something that the space would be interested in holding again? If so, I would be interested in discussing further.

Let me know thoughts?


I remember there was another group, I think they were under the name of LockSport in the hackspace (I’m not sure if you knew those guys, mainly from the merseyside area). They inspired me to get some locks and do some serious practice and I guess I am now fairly decent at it.

So I would say yes I would be interested, just so I can get experience with more lock types and get better with some other techniques like raking or even rekeying, etc.

If it was 2011/2012 it was still me, Locksport International.

This looks cool. I bought a big site toolbox for a song and when I went to pick it up they seller mentioned that it was locked and they don’t have a key. I did some investigating and I’m pretty sure it has 2 curtained mortice locks on, but the kit to pick them are expensive and it looks quite advanced. If any hobbyist lockpicker wants a challenge, you’re welcome to try your luck and you can have whatever’s inside – I only want the box.

Post closeup photos of the keyhole.
I probably have a decoder and make up keys for it.
We can cut new keys and you can then use it.

iam in this sounds pertty neet

Yup that’s it and I vaguely remember some people from the pictures.