Looking for a Fusion360/3d-printing tutor/teacher

I’ve been working on my 3d-printing/Fusion chops over the last year, mainly making implements and attachments for musical instruments. I’ve gotten to the point that I can make most of the things I want to make, but my noob-ness prevents me from making some things, and overall I lack the knowledge (and 3-dimensional imagination) to implement some of the things I want.


I’m looking for someone who I could meet up with (in person, or Skype) to help me improve my design chops via showing me how to do what I’m doing better and showing me how to do things I don’t know yet how to do.

As a point of reference, here are few of the things I’ve designed recently (again, all are holders/mounts for musical instruments):

Throwing a cheeky bump on this before letting it disappear into the abyss…

I’d look at a Udemy course tbh…you can get them for £12.50 and are quite good.

I saw this course on Udemy and thought of you.



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