Machine Tools

I’m not a Hacman member, although I do surf your site occasionally.
I’m in Leicester where we are just starting a fledgling group. So, if
anyone is visiting Leicester,
please do drop by and we can make some useful cross-links, so to speak.

There is a workshop in Derby which is selling a load of machine tools. It
probably needs to go as a job-lot
and they’re asking 5K. Nottingham are sort of interested, but already are
equipped. In Leicester we have
nowt, but also no money or space!

Dominic of Nottingham suggests the Midlands area Hackspaces might make a
group purchase and fight
over the bones. Or something like that. Anyone in touch with Brum, or

If theres any interest in Manchester, have a look at Nottingham’s Google
group. There is a ‘viewing’ on
20 Feb; only one week away.