Maintenance of Hacman Tools and Approved Maintainers

Good Afternoon Members,

It has been brought to our attention that members are taking it upon themselves to repair and maintain equipment. While this effort and energy being put into the space is fantastic and is exactly what the space needs to thrive, it is also very important to ensure the team managing that area of the space have been approached before any work is carried out.

Unfortunately some of the machines in the space have been found to have been tampered with repeatedly following the official maintainers putting a great deal of effort into getting the machines into perfect running order. It is thought this is likely due to members making unauthorised adjustments.

The directors along with the subgroups are working towards a better system of communicating who is an official maintainer, who is in the working groups and also a better system of disseminating information like this through the space.

As previously mentioned it is really important we all contribute to the space where we can, but we have to ensure that the help provided is collaborative.


Joe with a board members hat on