Make Cool Things Workshops in Manchester at MadLab, Thursday!

Hello, everyone!

I’m about to leave Newcastle, where the UK Maker Faire was lots of
fun! Hundreds of people made things at the Hardware Hacking Area that
me and Jimmie and Ken set up, and well more than half of them had
never made anything before and learned to solder. :slight_smile:

Me and Jimmie will be heading to Manchester tomorrow, for two
workshops at MadLab on Thursday, the 18th. One workshop from 14h to
17h, the other from 19h to 22h.

Please come by if you want to make a cool project to take home with
you. Please come by if you want to learn to solder better in the
community of lots of nice, friendly geeks.

Most of the projects we’ll have parts for are listed on my website (TV-
B-Gones, Trippy RGB Waves, Brain Machines, Mignonette Games, Arduino
kits, and lots more):
(“maker faire” tab)
and Jimmie’s website (Open Heart, LOL Shields, Atari Punk Consoles):

If you have a solder iron and/or wire cutters, please bring them. But
don’t worry if you don’t have any tools – we will have everything you
need to play with electronics and learn to solder and have a very
enjoyable time. Anyone and everyone can learn this stuff. And
everyone is welcome!



Just wanted to thank everyone who helped organise the Mitch Altman
soldering workshops last week. I got the following feedback from one
of the other home educated families that attended that I wanted to
share. Thanks.

"I just wanted to say thank you for sharing the information [about the
sessions]. I took Fraser (aged 10) last Thursday afternoon and he
rated it the best home ed thing ever. We were the last to leave (7 pm

  • I was shattered!) but went away clutching a working pair of trippy
    hallucinating glasses and a sense of achievement the size of a planet
    as well as memories of a wonderful relaxed place where Fraser could be
    his quirky self and feel totally accepted. Mitch was fantastic with
    him - if only the teachers at school had been like that! I had no idea
    he would even want to make a kit, let alone put so much effort into it
    and stick with it all those hours till it was done without once
    complaining. So thank you for posting - I suspect it won’t be our last
    visit to Madlab and I’m hoping I can get hubby along there one day