Maker Faire Hack Area


In two days time the UK maker/hacker scene will descend on Newcastle
just in time for a gigantic Justin Bieber concert. Sadly most of us will
be attending the 2011 Maker Faire instead of fainting at the sight of a
blonde haired child sensation.

2010 was the first Maker Faire in the UK. People spent two days cooing
over projects, exchanging ideas, and imbibing hazardous amounts of beer
while plotting ever more elaborate projects to be demonstrated next year.

However after the novelty of showing your projects off to the adoring
public wore off, the desire to tinker with your newfound friends set in.
But there was nowhere to play.

So this year we persuaded the Maker Faire team to let us have a hack
area where we can tinker to our hearts content. It’s one weekend a year
when we all come together, lets see what we can come up with.

When you have a bit of free time at the faire, or when you get bored,
come over to the hack area and have a play around! If you have fun toys
you can leave there for the weekend, please bring them. If you have
things that can be torn apart and scoured for interesting bits, bring
them too!

Right now we’re unsure how large the area is, but given the number of
hackers attending I’m fairly sure we’ll just occupy as much space as we
need. Just don’t bring an Arduino controlled tank.

We’re bringing as much fun stuff as we can from the London Hackspace,
but given that it’s the other end of the country we’re somewhat limited
in how much we can transport. If you can lend any useful tools to the
hack area for the weekend I’m sure everyone will appreciate it.

I’ll be sat hacking all weekend, come say hi!

See you in Newcastle,

P.S. Don’t forget we’re having a UK hackerspaces meetup on the Friday
night. And probably the Saturday and Sunday nights too.