Manchester Digital Laboratory / Hacklab Manchester Survey

Hello All!

We’re exploring the feasability of a Manchester hackspace (the
Manchester Digital Laboratory) and we’re trying to gauge levels of
interest, and what people would be looking for from it.

We have an informal, no-commitment survey at

  • if you have a few spare minutes, please let us know what you’re like
    to see from a hackspace, and how you’d like it to operate.

There’s a number of very geek-focussed spaces opening we’re aware of,
but we’re hoping this one could involve hacking in a broader sense -
DIY culture, film makers and animators, food hackers, guerilla
gardeners - so if you’re interested, or know people interested in the
cultural aspects of 'hacking, please let them know and get them

Thanks for you interest! (and apologies for any cross posting)