Manchester Museum Project

Hi all,

Someone in the Manchester Museum approached me last year to help them put
together an interactive display. There will be a mummified cat (model) with
capacitive sensors in it, and when various sensors are touched
information/video/audio will be displayed on a nearby screen.

There is some existing code to do the display side of things written in php
(zend framework with sqlite). I’ve had a go at altering/getting this to
work, but with (very) limited success.

I’ve decided I’m too inexperienced with PHP/web stuff to attempt this, and
not wishing to waste the museum’s time any further I thought I’d pass it on
to a hackspace member.

They have a person to do all the hardware (iirc there’s an arduino handling
the sensors which then sends characters over serial), they just need
someone to manage the display side of things.

There is budget to develop this (I can’t recall exactly how much, but
pretty sure it was over £1000) and would suit an experienced php

Please get in touch/leave a message if you’re interested. There’s a good
chance it will lead to further work for the museum too.