Manchester Pride - Walking Group


As some of you already know we have a walking group (limited to 50 people) in the Manchester Pride Parade under the HacMan Banner, This is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the diversity of the space and its members, showcase the space to potential new members and take part in one of Manchester’s biggest events!

Some info below and anyone wishing to take part in it with us please sign up for your “ticket” at

We will be having a day to make costumes etc in the space towards the start of August (Details TBC)

Parade Theme
In 2019, we acknowledge the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, an event which kick-started the modern LGBT+ pride movement and the force for organizing pride marches on a much bigger scale.

We are taking a clear moment to stop, reflect on the changes in society, acknowledge the progress that has been charted and consider the future of LGBT+ equality. What will this look like?

Join us as we head on our quest to ​“Deep Space Pride: A Future World of Equality”

Costume Guidelines

There is a galaxy full of costume ideas for this year’s theme “Deep Space Pride: The Future of LGBT+ Equality” and we are very excited to see how you envisage it!

Will you go full Star Wars or blast off in a full NASA fantasy? We want to see space odysseys and space oddities! If space isn’t for you, how does the future look for the LGBT+ community? Is there peace and harmony, or must we continue to fight for our true equality?

We have a very discerning panel of judges looking for this year’s award winners so treat that parade route like a catwalk.

Our final piece of costume advice is; WEAR A SMILE.

Parade Costume Regulations

The Parade attracts tens of thousands of visitors who all come out to show support for the LGBT+ Community. Many of these visitors are families including small children. As such, we require that any costumes are appropriate for all age groups and as the Parade takes place on the streets of Manchester which is a public area. With this in mind, there must be no lurid or obscene outfits or actions.

Any costume, float or actions that Manchester Pride deem inappropriate will result in the participant being removed from the Parade immediately.

Parade Route
From the starting point on ​Liverpool Road​, the Parade will proceed along ​Deansgate​, turning

RIGHT ​onto ​Peter Street ​moving towards the ​Midland Hotel​.
The Parade will then move along ​Oxford Street t​ urning ​LEFT ​onto ​Portland Street.

At the junction with ​Princess Street ​the Parade will turn ​RIGHT​, proceeding past Manchester’s world famous ​Gay Village​.

At the junction with ​Whitworth Street​, the Parade will turn ​LEFT ​and proceed to the ​FINISH POINT at ​Fairfield Street​.

Information for Walking Entries

You will be contacted by our Parade Manager prior to the Parade with your arrival time. Meeting Point Location is the Roman Fort, Castlefield.
The name of your group / organisation will be identifiable in the walkers holding area. Please make yourself known to the Parade Coordinator for walking entries.

We kindly ask that all groups remain in their allocated area whilst the Parade Coordinator signs in all walking groups.

If you wish, and at the discretion of the Parade Coordinator, you are welcome to leave the holding area once signed in. However, please do not stray too far and try and gauge the approximate time that your entry will be leaving the holding area.

Setting Off

11:00​: Health and Safety Walk-through by Manchester Pride’s Health and Safety Team

11:30​: Lord Mayor’s arrival to view entrants

12:00​: Parade set off time. Please exit Liverpool Road when prompted and turn left onto Deansgate

Along the Parade Route

The Parade is your time to shine! There are a lot of eyes on you - engage with the spectators but it’s important to keep in mind the following:

Please be aware of the pace of the float / walkers in front of you and keep a distance of approximately 5 metres between your group and those in front.

We anticipate it will take each entry approximately 90 minutes from leaving the start point to complete the route.

It’s important that the Parade works like a well-oiled machine and you’re a very important cog. Large gaps in the Parade make it look disconnected and disjointed so please try to ensure there are no big gaps between you and the group in front of or behind you.

Please remain on floats and vehicles unless instructed to disembark by one of the Stewards or Parade officials.

Please turn your music down when passing the Parade Grandstand outside The Midland Hotel on Peter Street.

Flags, props or banners must NOT be waved over the Metrolink crossover points. Flags/stilt walkers MUST NOT be over 14’7” high and be able to keep up with the parade. They will be removed if unable to.

General Information

If distributing printed material, please ensure you have the correct license from Manchester City Council. For enquiries contact: Manchester City Council, The Licensing Unit, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 3NZ.

By email: By Telephone: 0161 234 4512 By Fax: 0161 957 8396 By Textphone: 0161 234 4505

Glitter cannons are not permitted anywhere along the route due to the cleaning costs associated. Any clean-up costs will be passed back to the offending entry and they may be prohibited from taking part in future Parades.

Please ensure children are supervised at all times. Children under 10 years of age must be seated and wearing a seat belt if travelling in a vehicle.

Please ensure registration plates are visible at all times. Nudity, simulated sex or lurid acts are strictly forbidden.

No alcohol is to be consumed at any point before or during the Parade. Any persons found with alcohol may be asked to leave the Parade.

In the interest of animal welfare, pets are not permitted along the Parade Route.

Flags, props or banners must not be waved over the Metrolink cross-over point on Peter Street due to live overhead power lines.

End Point

The important thing is to keep moving. Remember that there are a number of floats and walkers behind you. If you stop, they have to stop.

Please follow the instructions given by the ​Parade End Point Officials. ​As you reach Fairfield Street: Walkers​: You will be directed to the right hand lane of Fairfield Street and directed down to a pedestrian area to the right of Whitworth Street on Cobourg Street.

Manchester Pride Parade Awards

It is important for us to be able to recognise and salute your effort and support in joining us on the Manchester Pride Parade.

There will be certificates awarded for:

  • ● Best overall float
  • ● Best community / charity entry
  • ● Best walking entry
  • ● Best commercial entry
  • ● Best public sector / services entry
  • ● Best individual costume
  • ● Best VBA entry

The winners of these prestigious awards will be announced on the Sackville Stage on Sunday 25 August. Please ensure that you have a representative of your group available to receive your award.