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So as we know, on the 19th July the country is going hell for leather and sacking off any and all health measures regarding covid.

What will the space be doing?

I’m concerned that the space could become a nice place to catch something if basics like masks and ventilation aren’t instated. Personally I’d like to see masks reuqired until the inevitable surge of cases that are expected ( are over.
In terms of vaccines - not everyone has been offered both their vaccines yet which means there are still people who will be vulnerable for another month or so.

Also, it would make sense that masks mandated could mean open evenings can resume again which were a key event in the hackspace calendar.

It would also be nice to have guests in again. Provided as usual they are responsible to a member and that member reports if their guest comes down with covid, it should be possible to track any cases down.

What is the mood on this?

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I’d prefer it if the space kept its mask requirement in place.

I don’t have any opinion on guests, I’d just rather the total number of people in the space were kept down as much as possible, so I’ll stick to just coming in at what I think are quiet times and minimising my time in the space.

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I’d generally prefer those of us who haven’t been exempt continued to wear masks in the space, but think the rules should allow for common-sense removal in some situations, examples being:

If you’re alone in an area, as long as you retain a level of awareness of when others might want to come into the area and are prepared to mask-up if that happens.

Using a piece of machinery where wearing it hinders other PPE. When using the mill last week I discovered that wearing my mask would cause the full-face visor to fog up entirely. Making others nearby aware you’re having to remove your mask so they can stay away seems sensible in this situation.

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Here’s the revelant messages from the group chat so that all messages are gathered in one place.

@coneconecone for masks if there are multiple house holds in space then would like to see they are required. However if your solo or with a member of household in space then I’m fine with it being optional

Richard W:
Usually when I’ve been in, there haven’t been that many folks around. So if I’m on my own in an area then I’d probably not bother considering I’ve been double jabbed myself.
If it was more like the old open evenings then I’d probably wear one just to make others happy

I would like to see the open evenings start back up again

Oli Benson:
Just to reiterate, because this seems to be the crux of the ‘wearing a mask is akin to slavery’ brigade’s failure to grasp the issue:

Wearing a mask is not for your protection, it is for the protection of those around you. “If you’re wearing a mask, don’t worry about what other people are doing” is a nonsense.

Aaron Goodwin:
I see it as if you’re not with people in your household. Wear a mask. If you are in an area where it is only you. Do what you wish but respect others when they come into that area

I get the feeling about not wearing a mask when by yourself but what I don’t know is how long this new Delta variant can hover in the air for?
It seems covid is airborne and can stay in the air for at least an hour (Coronavirus can remain airborne for more than an hour, SAGE expert warns - Mirror Online) so we would probably want some way of sanitising the air?

Aaron Goodwin:
In that case just wear the masks :smiley:

Makes more sense qha


Might as well just make a blanket statement to wear one as it is an enclosed space

Hopefully piping fresh air into the space will help somewhat, going to be cold in winter though! Bit off topic though, sorry

Richard W:
Trying to wear them for an extended period creates problems though, I can wear them in shops but have to take them off as soon as I get outside, glasses just steam up all over the place

Aaron Goodwin:
Haha i wear glasses too. The steam is annoying. Ive gotten used to it

Chris M (he/him):
Aye, steamed up glasses if you’re trying to use some of the workshop machines is… unhelpful, & you can’t take your glasses off either :stuck_out_tongue:

Jim MacArthur:
Yeah, the thing is to wear a mask if you’re able to and it doesn’t cause a safety issue. Don’t throw out the idea of masks altogether because it’s impossible in some circumstances.

Richard W:
I think in general the mask thing can put people off from coming, which might be why it’s so quiet at the moment.
That’s not to say we shouldn’t be wearing one say in the main area while sitting next to others. But I can’t see things getting back to normal unless they’re more optional

I’m sitting in a costas in the middle of blackpool at the moment and nobody at a table is wearing one. So I think they’re is a degree of weariness over them

Bob clough:
Thos of us who are happy to continue weaing masks aren’t really going to sit in costa right now ime

Richard W:
I think if you haven’t had the jab then the effects can be pretty serious. If you have then it’s a lot less. But it’s all kind of fuzzy and borderline on the news which is why nobody’s really sure

Jim MacArthur:
It works both ways. I’m likely to visit more if people are wearing masks

Richard W:
I’m hoping things will become more clear once this third wave we’re supposed to be in the middle of trails off

If it makes people in the space feel safer, happy to wear a mask as long as required. It’s a sharing space and nobody should feel unsafe there.

Aaron Goodwin:
Think this should be the overall consensus tbh.

On another note. Is anyone being crafty today? I’ve got two wallets on the go and a belt

Richard W:
If I’m on my own in a large area / room with a door then I probably wouldn’t be in consensus myself. Only if I’m in a room shared by others more than likley