Mass induction

Hello all,

I’ve met a few in the last few visits to woody dusty who are newer like me and would like to be able to be taught the use of the key main room tools e.g bansaws, table saw, banfacer, how to look after the space best as possible.

I appreciate inductions to tools are a real challenge for resource, so if we could get a few of us together of an evening to do a bit of a mass induction rather than have a number of separate ones, would there be any appetite from one of the Wood Pros to do a multi machine run through?

I know there’s been discussion of videos etc recently so appreciate thought is already being put to this.



Let’s do it!

I’d love to come along, if possible :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. This is a great idea and something we would like to do soon. Until very recently, the wood space effectively had no functioning induction process, which is bad from a H+S perspective and means the tools could (and did) get misused and broken.

A small team of people is working on a new, documented, and auditable induction process. In fact, we’re meting on Wednesday for a dry run. But we ask that you bear with us while we set this up, please.

The idea of “mass” inductions is good, but there’s a limit to how many people we can induct at once, because the process requires that every inductee demonstrate use of each machine. If there were 5 people being inducted on 5 machines (say), that’s 25 separate occasions where trainees would need to demonstrate competence in one session, so we need to work around that issue.

Appreciate that a lot of new members are very keen to use the machines, and we absolutely recognise this! But do bear in mind that the trainers for this are also starting from zero, process wise.

Very happy to field any questions on this, as communication is vital.

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