MegaMenger - getting involved

This is a message for HacMan! Hope all is well with you guys.

Dear Lovely HacMan People,

In October, Manchester Science Festival is taking part in the MegaMenger
distributed fractal building project. For more information about the
project, please visit Plans for the Level 3 Menger cube
build at the Museum of Science and Industry are in motion, and we want you
to be a part of these plans.

Twenty sites around the world will build a giant level-3 fractal to make
the world’s first level-4 Menger sponge, and all sites need to be finished
with their builds by October 26th. We’ll be building a sponge on 25th
October, and a second one on 26th. The museum will be open both days and
the public can come and join in with the builds.

In addition, we need to find groups of people who are willing to pre-build
parts of the sponge to build together into the final fractal. We know you
guys love making stuff, and having some of the model pre-built before we
start the formal week of building will help us get this massive project
completed by October 26th! We estimate that at least 1,000 person-hours are
needed to build and assemble a Level 3 Menger sponge.

That’s where you come in. The card is built from folded business cards, and
then covered with a layer of printed cards showing the fractal. The method
for construction is simple and uses no tape or glue. It’s a great activity
to do as a team in an office or community group, and can be worked on in
one blast or gradually over the course of the month. Instruction sheets for
building and assembling the units will be available through the website at

We’d like to know if you’re interested in helping us! Do you have a small
army (even 2-3 people) of folders that would like to be part of this build?
We’re looking for people willing to come along and help on the day, as well
as schools, offices and community groups prepared to build cube parts and
bring them to be joined into the main build. If you’re able to source or
use your own business cards, that’s great, and we can supply you with any
spares you can’t get yourselves, and the printed cards to cover the outside
of the fractal.

We’ll have a list on the website of all the teams that have helped us
build, and you’ll become part of a huge international project. Plus, you’ll
be able to find out about fractals and impress your friends with your
knowledge and achievements.

Please contact us if you’re interested!
Katie Steckles
Manchester Organiser