Member balance issue

I was in the space last Sunday, and at the start of the day had a balance of £15.17.

I paid for 10 minutes of laser cutting at £1, via the member’s portal, bringing it to £14.17.

I then paid for 3 sheets of acrylic (accidentally - I only used two, and hit three because the interface on the ‘kiosk’ was difficult to use). 3 sheets at £7.50 each brought my balance to £-8.33. This balance showed up on the kiosk and on the members portal website.

Later in the day I made a £20 top-up payment via direct debit, but when I made this, my balance changed to £34.17, and still shows that now. It’s as though the payments for the acrylic never happened.

I can easily make the payment again, but I’m wondering if this has happened to other people without them noticing.

Hi Jim

Thanks for flagging, there does appear to have been an issue with the kiosk syncing properly, I’ve updated the code to fix this.

If you could process the payment again that would be helpful



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Thanks for investigating it! I’ll make another payment on the kiosk next time I’m in.

I was in today, but the kiosk only responded with “504 Gateway timeout”. Not a massive problem, I’ll try again next time, I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten about it.