Member Handbook

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking for a while we should have a handbook in the space which members can refer to if a situation arises or if they have a question about something they don’t know.

The overall aim of the handbook isn’t to be comprehensive and detailed, but just to guide the person in the general direction and provide key information in a handy and convenient format.

Here’s the PDF version
Hackspace Manchester Member Handbook(3).pdf (501.9 KB)

Physical copy printing

We have two copies in the space.

  • One is by the light switches
  • The other is on the noticeboard by the stage.

Corrections and updates

I’ll update the PDF here but there may be a delay in the physical copies updating.
Any formal advice supercedes what is in the handbook, which just acts as a background guide.

Topic on parking keeps popping up on Telegram so a google maps screenshot showing where people can/cannot park might be helpful

Additionally a list of the telegram groups would help as well as people often ask for them. Not sure if QR codes can be made for the links?

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Great idea. I’ll add a transport page with all the likely transport options, similar to what we have on Find Us — Hackspace Manchester

I’m not sure what the rule actually is? Is it park mill side only?

Updated to include snackspace and transport to the space, I’ve updated the PDF in the first post! :slight_smile:

A5 display books ordered, will get printed and mount two, one by the front door and one by the notice board.

Handbooks are now in the space!
Do have a flick through :slight_smile:

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