Member Meeting - November 2018


Standing items

  • Approval of minutes for last meeting
  • Reports from teams
  • Electrical
  • Events
  • Social
  • Wood
  • Infrastructure

Member submitted items

  • Haccess Update Request: Please can we have an update on haccess. Who is looking after it? Was the plan to integrate it into tool access still planned?
  • Given that the board has now changed, do we want to have a new discussion about wiki’s?
  • Please can we consider alternatives for MM scheduling? ( Always a Monday is going to exclude people who have commitments they’re unable to easily avoid). Appreciate that you can’t please everybody all the time but I don’t think we should exclude some persons every time. Perhaps alternating the evening it occurs?
  • April / September / October minutes are not on GitHub. Did these meetings occur? Can we make the minutes available please?
  • In the spirit of clarity and transparency can we have a clear infographic(s) / page / reference that outlines what roles / activities / responsibilities the board and teams undertake on the member’s behalf. It should be clear and obvious for all members, especially new ones. We get so many repeat questions about our structure / organisation that it seems apparent that some helpful info would be, helpful.
  • I too would like to suggest we look at the organisational structure of hacman. Expectations and responsibilities could be better defined.
    • Define expectations of the board in general, and expectations of board member roles.
    • Discuss organisational changes that may work:
      • Example: a board of 3 people who deal solely with complaints, rent, insurance, H&S.
        Teams are formalised and have elected team leaders. Team leaders report to the Member Meetings which become a formal way of feeding back from members to the board and teams.
      • Example: procurement team lead has bank access limited to an amount, audited by the board.
      • Example: social team becomes responsible for dealing with enquiry emails (hello@)
      • Example that’s already happening as a role model: wood team do H&S assessment for new tools, with board required to approve only.
    • We should have some form of party (Christmas, new year, final games night of the year) to celebrate the year gone and let our hair down
      • Everyone welcome; games, drinks, music, food - just a chill out to wrap the year up.
    • Jason has suggested that the mmmmmmm audio be recorded for accessibility
    • One member has mentioned they might stop / then restart they’re membership once the 3d printer is sorted, do we have any updates on that?. RW is there anything I could do to make a part for it?


There were 14 members in attendance, including 4 board members.

Approval of previous minutes.

Minutes approved; one abstention, no nays.
Action for Cone: merge meeting minutes in for past two meets

Team Minutes


Minutes from board meeting in a pull request, Greg is chair, Rossy is secretary. Discussed retirement of Kimball and looking to get an accountant. Discussion on area budgets coming up following review of precurement.

Board development session where they plan future of board and how things are planned. Board only meeting t obe presented to members after. Safety and trainign processes discussed, learning management system set up will be trialled with the lathe. We shoud add a metalworking team.

Minutes on github and in Rossy’s hand. Michael is guinnea pig.

Quesiton on member status and bank. Bank to £8k

129 members, avg payment £16.

Question on electricity: not paying yet - meter was incorrectly installed currently measuring all units. Greg will assist contrators when convenient.

Suggestion Greg invoices by the hour for external contractors.


None present or given


Iain laser maintainer trained! Laser has bugs. Team is aware. Plans to make it more stable, just requires time to do it. Maintainers fixing other things in the space.

Board agreed to last meetings outcomes of 24 hour notice for laser reservation to training or maintenance - telegram and forum. Question on how to remove yourself from laser training group.

3D printing:

Currently out of order, thermistor in hot end has failed, Greg to order new thermistor should arrive Wednesday. Apart from it’s not working, it’s working well. Levelling is sorted. Cone likes the candle on the cash box. Request to prioritise training for 3D printer once fixed. Most evenings except Friday and Monday - Greg to announce when fixed.


None present or given


Two small snack runs.may do another. Any suggestions, email procurement at or buyit if you cna’t spell procurement.

Kiosk will have a form to suggest items. If you want to get involed email us, enthusiasm motivation, timely receipts, bringing items to the space (vehicle helps) and being the change you want see. Taxis may be considered - won’t be reimbursed unless agreed in advance. Mileage rates please ask board if far away.


Richard’s dad looking at cost for rewiring electrics, awaiting quote. Including distribution board. Discussion on implementation. Board notes recommendatipon that fire service are involved in the rewiring process. Discussion on current implementation, and special sockets and 16A plugs for heaters so they can’t be put into extension cables


Derby makefest - where we sold PCBees - was a success. To a numeric value of £103 + whatever is taken by card.

Action for board, move money out of paypal.

Discussion that PCBees have run their course, and coming up with new idea for next year. Email PCBee Rev B is in GitHub, discussion on git and how to move to the hacman org.


Newsletter sent out! To suggest social@… Next one out next month. A couple of members didn’t know about the newsletter, discussion on having to subscribe to get it.

Action: posters on door and physical copies on the noticeboard.

ANything for social media, contact us :slight_smile: Discussion on lots of chat on Telelgram and discussion on forum. Discussion on welcoming new members with the forum better and deferral to AOB. Social media is going well. Keep making noise. Shock that Greg does not have a Farcebook account.

Wood team:

Comment: “Still a shit tip”
Greg checks, then loudly proclaims: “IT HAS BEEN TIDIED!”

Discussion on vacuum cleaner separator. Round of applause.

Don’t use tools if you aren’t inducted with them.
Someone from woodworking team needs to own the training and formalise training. Not knowledge of what tools require induction.
Action: stick red labels on everything that needs training.
Greg spills his brain on what needs traning (not literally).


We finally have new server up and running! Round of applause. Not ansibled.

Forum moved over and live, member system on there and ready to fo shortly, borrowed from Brighton. Manages member storage, balances, access control, etc… Rossy trying to get wiki working with forum login. Website being moved over, moodle set up and it’s all happening and will be live when we are confident it is reliable.

Suggestion for for issues with web stuff to be sent to infrastructure team. Thank you Rossy.

Member items


Not more been done on it since last update. Hoping new member system will make decisions as to where to go technically. New member system has an access control system implemented in arduino code, including measuring the time spent on the laser.

Discussion on haccess hardware design, reliability. Curtailed.


Everyole looks at Richard.

Discussion on grammar.

Account given on the wikipedia software, history of the wiki discussions, documentation group, requirements document, the disagrement. There was a disagreement on the events as stated. Richard did his own thing and there was fallout.

We settled on: “There was drama.”

Now there’s a change of people in the space is there a way to re-initiate the discussion on getting a new wiki.
Question on whether there is acces to new server. Not yet, Richard wil try and find free servers and have an informal way of evaluating systems.

Discussions on what we want, out of date information. Media wiki being put on server, we can evaluate different options informally. Discussion on getting non technical people to use wiki software.

Gregs pen used to tick things off has run dry.
Greg is now ticked off.

Considerations for alternative meeting dates

Discussion on the nth day of the month, but what if Wednesday? Or day after if it’s Wednesday. Discussion on making them quarterly or bimonthly. Monthly feels too frequent. Vote for meeting moved to every two months. Discussion on major meetings and minor meetings. Feeling we couldn’t do meetings on open evening.

From 2019, meeting will be on 1st Feb and thereafter every other month, on the first, except when wednesday when it will be thursday. Bring calendar back, with meetings, open evening and games night. 1 against, one abstain. Mice do not have voting power.

Minutes not on github

We skipped a month out when we moved from 4th to 1st.

Others have not been merged in. Cone to do that, and give permission to all in org to approve and merge PRs.

Organisational structures

Discussion on expectations of the board, and board members, ties into the board development session planned. This will bring it back to the membership. Discussion on agreeing a date for the boards meeting. Only one board member with bank access.

Quorate board votes for hello@ to go to social@ - consist of Cone, Ellen, Mike, Rossy - others welcome to join. Discussion on getting a treasurer - can we find someone though? Need advice from an accountant. Board needs to do the session. Hopefully the session will happen in a couple of weeks, and the board can feed back at the next meeting.

Do we need a ticketing system?? board@ email to be looked at, incuding finding systems that could work. Discussion on technical implementations.

Hoping to hear back in december.

Should be renamed to the Members Meeting.

Suggestion that audio is recorded

Discomfort at that, the minutes are supposed to be an accurate record of the meeting and an audio recording not needed. The minutes could be converted to audio files if people want to. Discussion on theme tune or jingle.


Celebrate what we’ve done! No sleeping in the space!

I could do a doodle, but won’t. General noises indicating yes. We will have an end of year games night with food, drinks if people fancy it, and games.

3D printer

Discussed above


Discourse and forum

Move meeting documents to the forum. Good place to correlate feedback. Agenda and minutes can go on the forum.

For this meeting we can try doing it in both. Motion passes, one abstention.

To promote use of the forum, we can use a bot to announce new forum topics. Not posts. Will trial.all vote yes.

Team review

Craft team and documentation team become dormant.

New metal work team: founding member Greg

New Infrastructure team: founding member Rossy.

Adding sub points to the agenda for the board report

We would like the latest member number and average payment amount. Agreed.


Discussion on technology for CNC and stepper motors. Change of technology

Status of toilet

Waiting for landlady to fix ceiling.

Haccess and member system and will there be a discussion after the meeting

Yes there can be a meeting after the meeting.
There is also a telegram channel for discussing member system.

Ends 20:58:44

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It seems the the monthly meetings take up the full timeslot. What happens when we move to every 2 months? Less bikeshedding? Will all points get covered?

The aim is that we will have larger attendance as often months are quiet with only 5 people showing up.

This will require more discipline from us all and a chair with a bigger hammer for when people bikeshed and be loud. If it doesn’t work out we can revert back to monthly.