Members' Meeting - 1st August

Hi all.

Please post any points you’d like to raise for the members’ meeting this Thursday 1st August. Alternatively show up and raise them there.

Arrive for 7pm, meeting starts at 7.30pm


Thanks @Cone for creating this,

Agenda so far below (note this post is a wiki post and can be edited by anyone to add items to the agenda)

Team/Committee Updates

  • Board Update
    • Changes to Board
    • Elections
    • Finance Update
  • Procurement Sub Committee
  • Infrastructure Sub Committee
  • Membership Sub Committee
    • GoCardless / Membership Payment Issue June/July
  • Outreach Sub Committee (Events/Social/Community Outreach)
    • Manchester Pride 2019
    • Hackspace Manchester Makers Market
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee
  • Laser Team
  • 3D Print Team
  • Wood Team
  • Metalworking Team
  • Electronics Team
  • Craft Team

Member Submitted Items

Please place any items here that you wish to have discussed at the Meeting

Any Other Business