Members Meeting - 1st Feb 2019

The next members meeting will take place on Friday 1st February from 7.30pm

Agenda below (This is a wiki post and should be editable by everyone)


  • Appointment of Member’s Meeting Chair & Secretary
  • Approval of Minutes from Last Member’s Meetings

Team/Committee Updates

  • Board Update
  • Procurement Sub Committee
  • Infrastructure Sub Committee
  • Membership Sub Committee
    • Members Storage
  • Outreach Sub Committee (Events/Social/Community Outreach)
    • Makefest 2019 - Manchester
    • Makefest 2019 - Stoke
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee
    • Equipment Inductions - Moodle
  • Laser Team
  • 3D Print Team
  • Wood Team
  • Metalworking Team
  • Electronics Team
  • Craft Team

Member Submitted Items

Please place any items here that you wish to have discussed at the Meeting

  • Since the lease runs out in March it would be nice to know what happens (if there’s going to be a space4 / brexit from space3 etc) - Richard

Any Other Business

Members Meeting Minutes

Date: 01 February 2019, 19:30
Location: Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House
Chair: Greg
Minutes: Cone

Approval of previous minutes

Approved. No voting twice.

Team updates


Filed annual accounts, on christmas day as “we didn’t have anything better to do”

Discussion on how people do christmas including opening presents.

Last year there was £24,839 turnover, copies are available both from board and on Companies House.

Board meeting on Tuesday


Rossy has refilled snackspace.

Gloves stocked up on.

Sharpies bought.


Still working. Need to look at inner door lock now new units are installed.

Looking at replacing wiki, so that there is no wiki at all and thus and no arguments about the wiki.


There has been a board review of CoC and how to get people to buy into space.

At the moment people probably don’t read CoC, and it’s not suitable for space in few ways, board is discussing it.

Now it’s a Citizen Hacman commitment. You are not just a member, the space is a community and everyone is a citizen and as such must play a part.

We want to attract people who care.

  • Rule 0 - still applies.
  • Rule 1 - be excellent and follow citizen agreement.
  • Rule 2 - tidy up.
  • Rule 3 - appreciate the space (housekeeping, ensuring you follow access control protocols, not leaving doors open etc.)
  • Rule 4 - no obligation, on you to be a member and stay forever, or on space to provide equipment or fix, or train.

The CoC is there to help the board and to point people to, whereas this new commitment is helping everyone understand the community rules.

Note: all members must claim their box via member system.

Discussion on what can be stored.

Shelves 23/24 are for big material sheets.

Plastic drainpipes in metalworking for bar metal.

If your box is missing, it’ll be outside in the corridor. Put it back and claim in member system.


Makefest MCR 24/25 May, come take part. Fill in the doodle! ( )

Idea is creating a laser engraver and let people design a design which gets engraved on a small acrylic shape. Decoration allowed.

Not looking to do Stoke makefest, on a Wednesday daytime right after Manchester makefest.

Attracting people through Facebook and meetup.

Suggestion of having a sheet by the door where people can mark where they found the space from. Discussion on implementations, including the wonderfully ridiculous.


Equipment inductions: we have a Moodle installed! It’s a training platform, or VLE (shortly followed by a wretching noise)

Training materials go on Moodle allowing the training can be streamlined. Some inductions can be done totally online, others in parts.

Vote to call Moodle “open greg”. Greg vetoed the vote. In all seriousness, no.

In Moodle there can be tests to make sure people have read instructions, and outputs a Pass / Fail.

Can learn online and ask for someone to just check you’re doing it right.

Moodle is going to be used for general hacman inductions, and will require completion before their fob will work. How to guides can be on there.

20.12 Adjourned for food

20.49 resumes

Laser team

Pew pew. It’s alive.

3D print

Working except bed needs releveling. Below one still being worked on

Wood team

no report


Lathe has been inoperative for some time. Greg is currently implementing new access control system for it.

Emails starting to go out for lathe training, people trained on the old system need to re-apply, will retain access for 12 months to re-arrange training and assessment.

Training in three parts: first part is a talk (do not google degloving injury etc, there’s a lot more to learn than a short amount of training), then gain experience, or have experience from outside sources, then formally assessed. People can then use it.


Ben got new wire, Mark is formally thanked for hacking the wire rack.

Craft team

no report

Agenda items

New space!

Rossy displays images of viewed place today. Lease expires in April, not many available options.

New space is 10 mins from new islington tram stop, 10 mins from city centre, in Ancoats opposite beehive mill coworking space. 2700 sqft, instead of 1500 sqft.

Bigger space for money, 5 year minimum lease, ground floor with loading bay, accessible, gas heating available, sealed concrete epoxy floor - less dust.

General positive mood about the new space. Discussion on how we could use it. Discussion on using extra space for a classroom which could be rented out. Available from April.

Board meeting on Tuesday to discuss.

Vote for investigating further: Unanimous. Rossy jumps.


21.18! Where’s my cake?

Meeting Ends.

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