Members meeting - 21st September 2022

:loudspeaker: Member Meeting

Date: Wednesday 21st September 2022 19:00
Location: Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, M40 7FS
Web link: TBA on Google Hangouts - The meeting will be hybrid, please come to the space if you are able.

Hello All,

Please come and join our first members meeting in a while. It will be a good chance to meet the new board, discuss any matters and learn about the happenings in the space, both in the past 6 months, and as we look forward to the next. We are hoping members meetings might start happening every 4-6 months going forward.


To add your own points, please reply to this thread. Items posted immediately before the meeting may not be included. Please leave at least 24h when adding an item. We expect there might be a fair amount to cover in this meeting. If it comes to it, we may need to prioritise the agenda to keep the meeting a reasonable length.

Team Updates

  • Board
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
  • Visual Arts

Member submitted items

Items raised in this thread can be considered for AOB.

  • Incident reporting
  • AOB


Minutes will be written up after the meeting, posted below this thread.

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Weather permitting, my intention is to bring my Ooni pizza oven and some dough to make pizzas just outside the space on the street from 17:30ish, on a bring your own toppings basis.

Though I have done plenty of group catering, please note I don’t have any formal food hygine training and eating the pizzas will be at your own risk


I know you are super busy @OliBenson, but your input/direction at the March meeting was beyond helpful. Would be great if you could pass any notes from that on. Some of the governance and constitutional points were very important, but the finer detail escaped many of us.

Other than that, and I know it’s a horrible subject, but data protection. We do not have a data protection officer, which is a legal requirement.

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