Members Meeting 2nd December 2019

Our last meeting of the year will take place at 19:30 on 2nd December 2019

Agenda below please add to members submitted items anything you wish to discuss

Team/Committee Updates

  • Board Update
    ° Business Rates Update
    ° The year ahead
    • Sub Committee Recruitment
  • Procurement Sub Committee
  • Infrastructure Sub Committee
    • Proposal by Members to change Hackspace Layout
  • Membership Sub Committee
  • Outreach Sub Committee (Events/Social/Community Outreach)
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee
    • Asbestos report update
  • Woodworking Area
  • Metalworking Area
  • Visual Arts Area
    • Laser Team
    • 3D Print Team
  • Electronics Team

Member Submitted Items

Please place any items here that you wish to have discussed at the Meeting

Any Other Business