Members' Meeting - 30 August 2019

Hi All,

Further to discussion in the Telegram group, there will be a meeting at the space at 19:00 on Friday 30 August 2019

Please see a draft agenda for this meeting below, for input and agreement.

This meeting is open to all members, and everyone is encouraged to attend should they be able and minded to.


FRIDAY 30 AUGUST 2019 AT 19:00


  • Opening
  • Space Utilisation
    • Layout Plans
    • Storage Plans
    • Extraction Plans
    • Tool Storage Plans
    • Areas/items in need of construction
    • Projected timescales
  • Tools/Consumables
    • Restoration
    • Required items
    • Funding
    • Inventory
  • Space Maintenance
    • Cleaning
    • Access control
    • Induction requirements
    • Quarterly meeting
  • Space Representative(s)
  • A.O.B.
  • Closing


I’m probably not going to be able to make it.
However if people have any input on what electrical work needs doing, then let us know.

We hope to have proper lighting controls in place on the 7th, and sockets once people can agree a plan with the sparkies.

For lighting, at the moment we just plan on reconnecting the existing tubes to a switch from the new distribution board.

Any further work can be scheduled once we know what people want.

Hi, just to let people know there will be electrical work on Saturday 6th.
This will mean there will be power disruptions during the day, including all lighting.

Please do not leave any jobs running that require power for more than 10 minutes.

If you have anything running please notify the electrician(s) working to avoid issues.

This is expected to run from 8am to 6pm.