Members meeting 7th October

In keeping with the decision to move these back to the first Monday of every 2nd month the next members meeting will be Monday 7th October at 19:30 hours

Agenda to follow but please post any member submitted items below for inclusion

Team/Committee Updates

  • Election Update
  • Board Update
  • Procurement Sub Committee
  • Infrastructure Sub Committee
    • Electricity Update
    • Hack the Space Day
  • Membership Sub Committee
  • Outreach Sub Committee (Events/Social/Community Outreach)
  • Health & Safety Sub Committee
  • Woodworking Area
  • Metalworking Area
  • Visual Arts Area
    • Laser Team
    • 3D Print Team
  • Electronics Team

Member Submitted Items

Please place any items here that you wish to have discussed at the Meeting

Any Other Business

Reliability informed Monday is actually the 7th not the 8th

I should be there to report on the election, although results will already have been announced