Members' Meeting Agenda Discussion

How best can we discuss items on the agenda?

There is a current item on the agenda about moving it over here, to the forum, but personally I feel that will make it harder to collate everything and discuss.

I think a good solution is to keep the agenda on the wiki for editing, and to additionally have a forum post each month where points can be addressed and discussed. The thread should begin with a link to the agenda, and perhaps agenda items could be numbered to allow for easier discussion and referencing. In some cases particular issues may require a spin-off thread, so they can be discussed in depth without muddying any discussion about other issues.

This helps to bridge the gap between members that can’t attend the meeting and those that can, and will hopefully help facilitate wider discussion about the issues at hand.

One thing we came up in the telegram discussion of this was having a forum thread open a week before the MMMM with the planned agenda, to increase visibility of the process and allow comments and submissions from those unable to participate in the meeting.

This would however mean closing the agenda to new submissions a week earlier, which may not be useful. A compromise could include any changes to the agenda being cross-posted to the forum thread maybe?

From a historical point of view, it would be good to capture the agenda as discussed at the time of the meeting outside of the wiki along with any minutes.

Having the proposed agenda up on the wiki is fine, but looking back on it might not be great.



Good point.

A benefit of having agenda and minutes published here is that less technical members can write the minutes up. At the moment it requires knowledge of Git and Markdown - when other people have done the minutes who aren’t familiar, I’ve converted and uploaded them on their behalf.

I recently introduced Bunny Lady to git and markdown which went fine, but moving them here would definitely make the process easier with the live updating formatted view.

On that note, Google Documents has a Chrome plugin available to take a written document and convert it into markdown.

Makes this sort of thing much easier for people who don’t want to do it by hand, or even if you want to transfer something.