Members Meeting - August 2nd - minutes

Mins hackspace members meeting - 02.08.21

Members meeting started - 19:45

Board update

  • no board member available, reading out updates from board meeting
  • Board updated COVID rules.
  • No updates from procurement, infrastructure, membership, visual arts

Electrical update

  • still awaiting getting a final test, few repairs to make, few bits to finnish of, waiting on future plans once they are written down.
  • Need to look at the spec on the welder to plan that connection.


  • discussion on maintaining the meetup profile, but due to cost there was a poll taken and it was decided that while we can’t have open meetings there was no benefit.

  • Members who were involved in talking about outreach aren’t here.

  • adam Letting the meetup group go is short sighted? Difficult to build up that resource.

  • chris However, meetup membership is mostly old and not ongoing, it’s also something that needs work to manage and improve - no member stood up and wanted to take it on

  • Issues with Telegram

  • many splintered groups, need to ask the board to create a central point for these resources. This may be in the member portal? Being behind a password may relieve some of the issues around spambots.

  • chris If nobody is taking on outreach, it would be worth having a journey plan written for an intro for new members

  • Adam to write a descriptor of this on the forum.

  • alex Thanks for whoever made the fantastic membership quickstart welcome flyer - question, is it mirrored online?

Health and Safety

  • Particulate filter installed, is effective, and is reducing the particulate in the space. However woody dusty is still woody and dusty.

  • We also appear to have black mold? Plan is to scrape and paint.

  • We have now patched up some of the holes letting in water.

Woody Dusty

  • Bought sanding equip etc, red bandsaw needs a new belt and is non-functional,

Weldy Grindy

  • People need to clean up after themselves, damage to grinding wheels and they need to be dressed.

  • One person on waiting list for training - which is a huge difference from the before times. We have to thank Steven and Mike for turning the area around. They put a huge amount of work in.

  • The big difference for weldy is the strength and independence.

  • Feedstock for the lathe has been moved to under the stage, and is free for use for members projects.

  • Welding room has also been cleared out for wiring.

  • chris and alex Will email the board about ventilation. There has been a lot of confusion about the installation, may need to make a sketch so we can comment and plan this.

Visual Arts

  • laser out of service

3D printer

  • contact 3D printer team to do service on Mendel as it appears to need a new timing belt, would like an update on the resin printers and if there’s going to be training


  • getting through the fund, getting bits and pieces, shelving and storage. The Pi workstation has been put in to allow people to program etc. Have scopes set up and working. Still £700 to spend, but is allocated.


  • being upgraded and worked on, but is operational. People are in training.

  • Update - skip - can’t put sawdust and wood in the skip etc. Ideally people should be disposing of their waste.


  • major, pouring into the ‘space. This has been caused by lack of maintenance in the gutters, and later the waterfall down the stairs. There is a known and ongoing issue with leaks, which we believe the board are discussing with the landlord.


  • bike space has been setup and chris has bought some stuff too put in it and is being moved aswell


  • we’d like welding to start happening. Movement has happened to clear the space, and stopped as there was no way to secure the bottles of gas. The issues around sorting the space was disheartening. There is no clear space to store hackspace stuff, and this is something we need to make more clear - things were mistakenly moved to an area that was ‘designated’ as skip stuff.


  • There is a significant issue with misc junk in multiple places over the ‘space. We need to use the DNH tags, and have better designated storage spaces.

  • We would like an update on the board for an actual timeframe for ventilation - this needs to be specific. If we need to move the room, we need to plan how that will take place. Weldy will make process lists and documentation available to the board.


  • We require planning on projects moving forward and tested after - we need to have visibility and decent forewarning. If things need to be bought we can make budgets for this - we have enough stuff for what is planned, but Weldy and other changes will need to be factored in.

Is there a doc for planned work? There is an electrical doc on a github page, the historical work, and work planned for moving ahead. This likely needs updated.

What have people been working on?

  • Mark - Getting the CNC up to date, updating the electronics area with the budget

  • Alex - researching a means of growing mother of pearl into an engineering material using an ultrasonic material

  • Ritchard - patching loading bay holes to keep the water out, we’ve been painting the ceilings, and have been working on the late project

  • Adam - getting trained up on the tools, vibing on the space and working to understand the culture of the community, tearing down electronics and playing with transformers.

  • Chris - rebuilding self, and getting people on bikes!

Looks good :slight_smile: