Members meeting - Finance Special - Monday 6th December

:loudspeaker: Member Meeting

Date: Monday 6th December, 19:30
Location: Hackspace Manchester, Wellington House, M40 7FS
Web link: Google Hangouts link coming soon


To add your own points, please reply to this thread. Items posted immediately before the meeting may not be included. Please leave at least 24h when adding an item. Time may run out - usually meetings last 1h30 but can end earlier or later.

Team Updates

  • Board
  • Finance (later in the meeting)
  • Membership
  • Outreach
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
  • Visual Arts

Member submitted items

Items raised in this thread can be considered for AOB.

  • Finance special
  • AOB


Minutes will be written up after the meeting, posted below this thread.

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Meeting starts a at 7.30pm!

Will def be there (online) but 30 mins late. Shall I prep something form metalwork? A 5 minute update?

Sure that would be great. Would a 1930 start be better?

Also RE being remote (which I will be too) - I ask that people join individually but if there are a few wanting to join as a group, perhaps at the space, that one person is nominated to manage the device on the meeting so that it can be effectively chaired. I am happy to chair. All people will need to be physically close to the device so it may involve people huddling around a table, or people walking to the device to speak. The nominated person may want to hold their hand up visibly if someone from the group wants to speak.

There should be no disadvantage to being there remotely or in person.

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A 19:30 start would be better (think I’ll still be 5 mins late – childcare and misc parenting issues) but don’t change things on my account!

I will be there from 8pm potentially earlier depending on traffic.

As the Board member responsible for financial things I’d politely request that other items are covered first then the financial stuff so I can be present to answer / discuss / provide information.

A 7.30 start would be preferable to minimise the amount of the meeting I miss.

Let’s start at 1930 :+1:

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REMINDER - this exists and will be in a week tomorrow at 1930

I have a few things I’d like to add as topics:

  • Status of the left bar, keep or demolish?
  • H&S, Spoke to a consultancy firm who maybe able to help us in areas we don’t have much experience in
  • Welding, should have had enough time in the week to be able to give update how things have gone/plans

For info for the bar area (where the old members storage was / is) we’ve been adding a wooden bench top in the corner closest to the electronics area.
It’s not finished yet but I think the idea was to have folks be able to sit behind it with chairs.

But I think you’re talking about the left hand side reading it again which we haven’t touched.

like to add a short update on the lab

  • added the SOPs to the documention site with help from london biohackerspace
  • pressure steriliser risk assessment has been given too the board
  • looking forward to holding classes for the membership and removing the barriers to science for as many people as possible

:calendar: TONIGHT
:clock2: 19:30

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