Members Meeting - November 2020

Since we haven’t had a proper member’s meeting since August (General Meeting does not count)

The Next Member’s meeting will take place on Saturday 7th November at 3pm / Virtually

Please see below the agenda and add any points you wish to bring up


Members Meeting - 7th November 3pm Virtual

Standing items

  • Reports from teams

    • Board including Goverance Arrangements
    • Woody
    • Metalworking
    • Visual Arts including Laser & 3D Print Teams
    • Electronics
  • New Space Equipment - The Board has released £1000 per area for new equipment and its up to the teams and the members to decide what equipment each area needs we will be looking at voting on items added so far for each team at this meeting . See this post for more details (New Equipment Fund)

Member submitted items

(this post is a wiki and is editable for you to add points below) or just post as reply to this thread