Members Meeting - September 6th 2021

Member’s Meeting at 7PM (1900)

Physical and Remote


  • What’s happened since last meeting

  • updates from the space

  • Perquirement

  • Infrastructure

  • electrical

  • membership

  • visual arts

  • Outreach

  • Wood dusty

  • Weldy grindy

  • Health and safety

  • Snacks space

  • Feed back

  • Issues with the space and how can solve them

  • What’s people been working on aka show and tell :slight_smile:

Ask questions as replies
Sorry for this latest it’s been busy for me

Proposal for the cave too be set up as a lab
I’ve been working now for 6 months on independent research on synthetic seashell (nacra) synthesis and have acquired a selection of lab equipment and would like to setup the cave as a community lab space with focus on material science.
And long term goal of becoming bio secure 2.

The pandemic has hit research hard and people’s access to a lab for study and research is nearly impossible and being an to give back by means of a safe place for research would increase our services that can be offered to members.

I would aim to collaborate with other maker labs for education outreach,

I’ve been receiving help with another community BS2 lab called scihouse run by Gabriel lacina, who’s been Great help getting things up and running.

What it would involve would be thoroughly cleaned painted. Setting up desks and storage for glassware and equipment and lighting.
PPE would be goggles gloves and some extra lab coats,
. Etc


Please can someone let me know the opening hours for this workspace thankyou

Sounds like an interesting idea/plan

I’ve added it to the list on the other posting regarding the Cave (The Cave)

Lab sounds good to me too. Be nice to see the area used.