Member's Storage

As the space is slowly returning to sortedness (very slowly), Please can
all members review the member’s storage guidelines, particularly the bits
regarding Do Not Hack (DNH) labels.

We’ll probably need to start enforcing the guidelines around members
storage a bit more than we have historically, as there are some huge (and
awesome!) projects going on in the space, and we need to make sure things
that don’t fit in a members box are getting cycled out regularly so that
everyone can get their fair turn at using the facilities :slight_smile:

At a very minimum, please make sure anything that doesn’t fit in your
members box has a “Do Not Hack” label, which should include:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Your name
  • Contact details (mobile number / email address)
  • Estimated date of completion / removal from the space.

If anyone cant make it in and wants their existing project labelled, feel
free to reply to this today with the above details and a description of
where i can find your project and i can get it done for you.

Thaaanks <3