Membership - Numbers

Hi Guys,

I’m discussing membership prices etc with janey, and i need to get some
actual numbers together. I know there are people out there who are waiting
until we get the space before coming to meetings, i know there are people
who are interested in the meetings but not so much the space.

What i need is the numbers of people in each category.

Membership will get you 24/7 access to the space @ Factory 2010, your pick
of anything from the junk pile, access to and use of all our tools,
equipment etc within the space, and free entry to all hackspace meetings and
events (we are not planning on charging for meetings, but in the future may
have to ask for donations etc). Right now it’ll be £20 PCM, with all
proceeds going to pay for the space. When membership picks up, we will be
using any leftover membership money to buy new tools and equipment.

Theres is a doodle poll at , please fill
it in!